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Popular Child Themes

Popular Child Themes

Find The WordPress Child Theme That Matches Your Parent Theme - FREE!

Find the child theme to your parent WordPress theme on our website for free! All our WordPress child themes are free to download and we have a huge WordPress child theme directory to browse.

Installing a child theme for WordPress is the safest way to modify and update your WordPress website. Why?

Installing  and activating a WordPress child theme prevents webmasters from overwiting any custom style (css), html, php or java script modifications when they update their parent theme

That's ok, I wont bother updating my parent theme?

Here's why that's not a good idea - Parent themes are usually updated by the theme author for a good reason. In some circumstances this is because something breaks and needs to be fixed or something may be insecure and needs to be secured. That's why WordPress theme makes regularly releasing updates to their theme. Without upgrading something important may stop working or your entire website may be vulnerable to hackers.

Ok, I get it - what do I need to do?

If you want to customise your WordPress website, you don't want to loose any changes and adjustments and you want to always run the latest secure and feature rich theme - you need to install a child theme [fact].

How the heck do I do that?

It's easy. We've created over 7,000 WordPress child themes. Simply search for your theme above in the search bar. Download your free child theme .zip. Login to your WordPress admin and go to Appearances > Themes > Add New and activate your new child theme.

That's it! Enjoy using our free WordPress child theme library! We have made your child theme in WordPress that is ready to use.

Why not use a WordPress child theme creator?

We've already created a WordPress child theme for you! All you have to do is navigate to your theme page and click download. Child themes are completely free from

Do I need any special WordPress child plugins?

No. Simpy navigate to the theme, download your child theme zip file and install it using your WP dashboard.

What child themes for WordPress are available on

We have child themes for Divi, Theme Forest and WordPress dot org parent themes.

Is this a WordPress child theme plugin?

No. It's a real child theme that you upload in your Appearances dashboard tab.

What does a child theme contain?

Each child theme .zip file contains four files. The functions.php enqueue the style and script file :

  • Style file [style.css] - you can add custom css code to this
  • Functions file [functions.php] - loads the stylesheet and javascript file
  • Script file [script.js] - you can add custom js code to this
  • Image file [screenshot.png] - a preview of your child theme (blank)

How do I customise the child theme?

Once you've installed your child theme you can customise the files inside it.


If you would like to customise your header... copy and paste your header.php file into your child folder. WordPress will use this header.php as the default header file if the child theme is active.


If you would like to customise your footer... copy and paste your footer.php file into your child theme. WordPress will use this footer.php as the default footer file if the child theme is active.

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