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Brad Dalton asked 2 weeks ago

When i check the source code, this is what i get<link rel=\’stylesheet\’ id=\’parent-css-css\’ href=\’http://dev.local/wp-content/themes/twentynineteen/style.css?ver=5.3.2\’ type=\’text/css\’ media=\’all\’ /><link rel=\’stylesheet\’ id=\’child-css-css\’ href=\’http://dev.local/wp-content/themes/2019-child/style.css?ver=5.3.2\’ type=\’text/css\’ media=\’all\’ /><link rel=\’stylesheet\’ id=\’twentynineteen-style-css\’ href=\’http://dev.local/wp-content/themes/2019-child/style.css?ver=1.0.0\’ type=\’text/css\’ media=\’all\’ /><link rel=\’stylesheet\’ id=\’twentynineteen-print-style-css\’ href=\’http://dev.local/wp-content/themes/twentynineteen/print.css?ver=1.0.0\’ type=\’text/css\’ media=\’print\’ />The child themes CSS does not load after the parent theme.

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Ben Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Brad,

It looks like your trying to use the wrong Child Theme for Twenty Nineteen.

** http://dev.local/wp-content/themes/2019-child/style.css?ver=5.3.2 **

The parent folder name should match the child theme folder name with “-child” after it. So in your case the child folder should be “twentynineteen-child”. Instead of renaming the folder, please down the child theme below and use this one.

Please try this child theme:

Twenty Nineteen

419 people have marked this child theme as working. So this should work. Any problems let me know and I’ll help you.