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Thebe Phele asked 8 months ago

Good day,how to I remove the footer?I now have double footer

1 Answers
Ben Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Thebe,

You can remove the footer link as follows.

Delete line #129 to #139 (inclusively) from functions.php in your child theme. So you’re removing the function and hook. (Everything in the red box).

Screenshot of what to remove in red box

You can do this in WordPress Dashboard > Appearances > Theme Editor

Edit the functions.php for your child theme.

If you don’t see what’s in the screenshot – you are editing the wrong file! So please be careful. Make sure you edit your Child Theme not your Parent theme. By selecting it from the dropdown box "Select theme to edit:" … which will be: something123-child

Something123 will be your theme name followed by -child.

Screenshot of where this is: