Confirm your child theme work? Message will not go away

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Steven asked 6 months ago

Hi!This site is as been super helpful.We have a site where the message \"Message from Confirm your child theme work? Yes my child theme works or No my child theme does not work\" will not go away in the WP Admin section.What is the best way to remove this message?Thanks! — Steven

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Ben Staff answered 6 months ago

Hey Steven,

You can turn it off like this:

1) Login to WordPress

2) Apperances >> Theme Editor

3) Choose the functions.php file. But make sure this is for your Child theme. There’s a dropdown top right to toggle between your child and parent theme.

4) Then add two forward slashes before add_action( ‘admin_notices’, ‘display_admin_notice’ ); like the attachment. So it will read.

//add_action( ‘admin_notices’, ‘display_admin_notice’ );


Just so you know. I think it’s your web browser caching the message. So if you hit CTRL + F5 it should go away without you doing this (hard refresh the page).

Reach out to me again if this doesn’t fix it.

Glad you like our site.