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Millie asked 10 months ago

Hello,I uploaded your Dynamic News Lite Child Theme via SFTP but I can\’t seem to change the styles from the original ones. Nothing that I write on the .css file overwrites the Parent Theme\’s style sheet.Is there a way to change that?Thanks a lotMillie

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Ben Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Millie,

Please can you send me your URL to your blog to take a look?

  • Make sure the childtheme is active.



BenStaffreplied 10 months ago

Try pressing CTRL + F5 on your keyboard. This hard refreshes your browser with any changes you make to your child theme – Just thought I’d add this comment to see if it saves us some more time. If it doesn’t work …. reply to this thread.

Ben Staff answered 9 months ago

Hey Millie

I’m going to mark this issue as closed because I didn’t hear back from you.