Looking for requirements for the Bridge Child Theme

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Matthew Sulc asked 10 months ago

What requirements as far as versions, PHPs, etc., are required for the Bridge Child Theme?Thank you! We are trying to update our hosting package to a word press supported hosting package and they can\’t move our sites until we do something with our current theme we have in place. Which is the Bridge Child Theme.thank you!Matthew Sulc

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Ben Staff answered 10 months ago

Hey Matthew

Php 5.6 came to its end of life recently. So many hosting providers run php 7.2 or greater now. Our child themes don’t contain much php code so they will run with modern hosting environments (php 7.2 or greater) and even older hosting environments (php 5.6).

I suggest you got to your WP dashboard and navigate to appearances and click on your parent theme…. this will tell you which version of bridge you’re using. Check with the theme maker that the bridge theme version is supported on your new php server environment. If your parent theme is very old you may need to update it to run with the modern php server environment php 7.2 or greater. Our child themes are blank child themes so you’ll need to add any custom code to them to customise your site. They work alongside parent themes.

Generally speaking if you’re running the new bridge parent theme, you download a child theme to customise your site and you have a modern hosting environment you shouldn’t have any issues.

Thanks for contacting us via our help forum.