Using Biztt child theme – Please install Biztt.

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Rob asked 1 month ago

Using the Biztt child theme. Followed all the instructions, copied my css from parent theme, disable parent stylesheet but keep getting error in admin panel saying I need to install Parent theme. It is already installed but I have my child theme active?Any suggestions?Rob

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Ben Staff answered 1 month ago

Hey Rob,

Thanks for reporting.

I setup a demo site with Biztt parent and our child theme installed.

It setup without any errors.

Just so that I can be as helpful as possible – things to check:

1) Your parent theme is this theme

2) your parent theme is in this folder /wp-content/themes/biztt/

3) the style of your parent theme /wp-content/themes/biztt/style.css has a tag at the top that reads: "Text Domain: biztt" (Here’s an example of our parent style


If you’re experiencing issues it may be because of 2 or 3. Having said that if your parent theme has been customised, changing 2 and 3 may impact your site. Therefore take a backup before you attempt changing anything. Be sure you can roll our site back / undo any changes you make in case your site stops working.